Wednesday, October 21, 2009

my pecs.......

Pec fetish explained...

I know you all are wondering why such the fascination with pecs. Well here is the story in a nutshell.

I was the husky kid on the block. All of the neighborhood boys poked fun of me because of my large frame and protruding man boobs. I was four foot, nine inches tall with a 40 inch waist. I was almost square. I wore Husky Size Tough skins with the labels still attached so everyone called me the husky or the sissy or the 'toe sack. That was short for potato sack. That is what the kids referred to my shirts as.

My childhood was miserable to say the least. My cotton blond hair and my fantastical imagination were pretty much the only things that got me through until puberty. I grew 13 inches between my 7th and 8th grades. All my baby fat seemed to disappear instantly. My body morphed right in front of my eyes literally.

That summer my parents installed a pool in our back yard.we were the first to get cable television and a VCR. All of a sudden those kids that were poking fun at me wanted to be my best friend. I was thrust into the spotlight like Jennifer Hudson after the Oscar win.

While watching television one late night with my Grandmother, Arnold Schwarzenegger made a guest appearance on Johnny Carson. He sat on the sofa in a tight red polo style shirt and bounced his pecs. Johnny Carson's eyes were glued to those mounds of muscle for the remainder of the interview. Needless to say my eyes were there too. I asked my Gran what she thought of his physique. She looked away with flustered embarrassment. After she regained her composure she suggested that I start working out with weights. That maybe I will be able to do that pec bouncing trick someday.

From that night on I was the fitness fanatic in the neighborhood. I have maintained the fitness lifestyle ever since but it was not until i was in my mid 20's that i was able to bounce my pecs like Arnold.

These are my pecs....

muscles pecs jocks oh yeah!